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Cēsis Castle Medival Days 2017

4. JUN - 18. JUN, 2017


The Cēsis Castle folk invite you on a journey, centuries into the hygene in the Middle Ages. How people kept themselves clean? How often could one wash without harming his health? How should a decent man smell? How to prevent bad breath? How to keep fleas and lice away? Six thematic Sundays throughout the summer will be filled with hands-on activities, mini-lectures and performances all about the ways people took care of personal hygene 500 years ago. Feel, discover and experience the Middle Ages in a real medieval castle!

04.06. ‘SMELLS OF HISTORY’ or scents and stenches of the Middle Ages

18.06. ‘SCRUB AND RUB’ or the art of keeping clean in the Middle Ages



Cēsu Pils komplekss, 2014 | Mājas lapu izstrādāja Grandem un uztur Premium Solutions