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The conservation of the castle is carried out with particular attention and regard to every detail. The 20th century`s cherished utopian plans for reconstructing the castle have now been replaced by minimal intervention approach that provides for the maintenance of the ruins romantic character and authenticity. Restorers of masonry no longer use “non breathable” cement and manufactured bricks, instead replacing them with mortar, dolomite and bricks made using traditional methods – materials that age naturally under influence of the environment. The work is carried out by professional restorers and skilled craftsmen with experience in conservation of stone walls.

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Preservation of Western tower (2014-2015)
With the support of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and Cēsis municipality repairs to the roof of Cēsis castle’s Western tower will be carried outfrom autumn 2014 until winter 2015.These works will see the strengthening of the outer walls of the tower and additional conservation to the Master’s chamber. This project will ensure that the Western tower is preserved for posterity and is safely accessible to all visitors.

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