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Dismantled Lenin monument

lenin_webAs was normal within all the regions of the USSR including Latvia during the Soviet occupation (1940-1990) it was a tradition in almost every city to install a monument, in honour of the Russian Communist party and Soviet state, theoretician and practitioner Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (real name Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, 1870-1924).

The Cēsis Lenin monument was erected on 7 November 1959 in the former Union Square near the place where in 1924 Victory Monument was opened and blown up in 1951. Unlike many other existing Lenin sculptural products, Cēsis monument was made by one of the most talented Latvian sculptors of the 20th century Kārlis Jansons (1896-1986) from Cēsis. His creation of the Lenin monument was dismantled on 17 October 1990.

In 1998 Victory Monument in the Union Square was renewed.

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