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Wedding at the Castle

Cēsis Castle waits for everybody who has decided to spend their wedding day in Cēsis. The restored castle rooms and beautiful castle garden can be rented for a wedding ceremony or celebratory event. For a young couple and wedding guestscomfort, we will take care of you by offering a few more ideas for the wedding day.

Contact person: +371 27878549 Ieva Kleine ieva.kleine@cesis.lv

 Cēsis castle manor house or Castle Gardens – a dream place for a romantic wedding

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It is possible to register the marriage in reconstructed Cēsis New Castle. Marriage ceremony takes place in the manor’s Great Salon, which has now regained its historical image as it used to look like in Count Sievers lifetime. The most luxurious room in the Castle will make the marriage ceremony particularly memorable.

Rent fee – 285.00 EUR


On sunny summer days outdoor weddings in the castle gardens are especially appropriate. Wedding ceremony can take place in the wonderful location with the majestic medieval castle in the background.

Medieval-style canopy perfectly complements the landscape, as well as serve as a safe haven for changing weather conditions and champagne table. We can recommend catering service providers or supplement the event with one of our programs.

Rent fee (tent rent not included)- 100,00 EUR/h
Each additional hour  50,00 EUR
Rent fee  (tent included) – 120,00 EUR/h
Every next hour  60,00 EUR

Wedding champagne in the Manor house


The Balcony of the manor house offers a wonderful view of the Castle gardens and also the nearby old town. Here you can enjoy the first glass of champagne alone or together with your loved ones.

Rent fee 35,00 EUR per hour


For those who want to enjoy the view of Cēsis and feel fresh but warm Vidzeme`swinds, we invite you to vistit Lademaher tower.

Rent fee 45,00 EUR per hour


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On a hot summers day you can escape to the shade,offered by the ancient walls of the Castle Garden, enjoying the cold champagne and quietness before the fun of the evening party starts.

Price 35,00EUR




During the cold season or a rainy summer day, you can enjoy a glass of champagne and relax before energetic celebration in the cosiest room of the castle –the Veranda.

Rent fee 17,00 EUR per hour

Photo with the romantic Castle ruins in the background


After the wedding ceremony in the church or registry office, the young couple can be taken to Cēsis Castle in a horse carriage, riding through the beautiful streets of the old town of Cēsis. In the castle garden the young couple can have a photo session with the majestic castle ruins in the background.
Duration – 1 hour
Price: 35.00 EUR per hour
Horse carriage – 43,00 EUR
Contact information (for horse carriage) +371 29498896 -Aivars Zaķis

Medieval style wedding


If you wish to gain an insight into the medieval wedding traditions, you are welcome to the Cēsis Medieval Castle, where we offer a special theatrical program for newlyweds.

Inhabitants of the castle will greet young couple in the Castle`s garden. The newlyweds will be tested in accordance with the conditions that are true to medieval life. The bride to be will have the chance to bear witness to her future husband’s strength and agility. In turn, the groom will witness how adept his future wife proves whilst engaged in the most important housework.

After a successful completion of the test, the Brother of the Order will show you around Cēsis Castle. In the Castle the Castle Chaplain will host the wedding ceremony in the medieval manner and give his blessing to the newlyweds as they commence their life together.

Price- 120 EUR

Contact information:  +371 26339342 Ieva Kalnina, ieva.kalnina@cesis.lv


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