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Gundars Kalniņš “Cēsis castle”

This book is the first in – depth guide for broad audience that gives a comprehensive survey of the history of Cēsis Castle and in the light of the latest studies explains the former functions of various parts of the castle. The guidebook is richly illustrated with more then 100 pictures: historical and modern photographs, old lans and aintings as well as reconstruction drawings created specially for this book. The author not only vividly describes the most dramatic events in the history of the castle, but also provides an insight into daily life in the castle and the way of life of its former inhabitants. The book will also serve as a parctical guide for educational visits to one of the most beautiful and impressive cultural monuments in Latvia.

Price 8.80 EUR

Cēsis_Latvijas vēstures simbols“A symbol of Latvian history” Kaspars Kļaviņš

History and Art Museum in Cēsis New Castle opened after restoration with permanent exhibition “Cēsis – symbol of Latvian history.” It is a story of Cēsis and people who have shaped and influenced history of Vidzeme region, Latvia and Europe. It is a nearly five centuries long story of the museum and the New Castle.

Price 3.30 EUR

Tālis Pumpuriņš. “Cesis coat of arms. Development and history of use of Cesis city coat of arms” 

The coat of arms as a sign of self-affirmation of European cities and a symbol of awareness of their value appeared in the history of cities in the Middle Ages. Cesis is one of the oldest cities in Latvia, first mentioned in written sources in 1206, and its heraldic symbols uniquely reflect the city’s history of more than 800 years.

The use of the coat of arms reflected the strengthening of the role of cities in medieval society. It also pointed to the privileges acquired and the rights won by the city. City coats of arms date later than the city seal. In the 14th century, the heraldic symbol depicted in the seal of Cēsis – a soldier on the city wall with six towers – became the prototype of the future coat of arms of Cēsis. The coat of arms of Cēsis has undergone various changes over the centuries. The study can trace the genesis of the Cēsis coat of arms and its very diverse use, from the 14th century to the present day.

The book shows in detail the problems of the creation of the Cēsis coat of arms both in the first years of the Republic of Latvia, during the restoration of independence at the end of the 20th century, and in the already restored country at the beginning of the 21st century.

The book is richly illustrated. Image annotations and extensive summary also in English.

Price 7.50 EUR


Catalog “Vidzeme Knightage and Latvia. Livländische Ritterschaft und Lettland” 

The publication made available to readers is a large – scale project introduced by the exhibition of the Cēsis History and Art Museum “Vidzeme Knightage and Latvia”. It can be considered as a convincing confirmation of the co-operation of many Latvian and German cultural heritage institutions and their employees in the preservation and promotion of the German-Baltic cultural heritage. The exhibition and the publication of the catalog were a great opportunity to identify and publish the diverse German-Baltic cultural heritage, which is stored in the collections of Latvian museums, archives and other cultural heritage institutions.

Already in 2010, the chairman of the Vidzeme Knightage Association, Baron Heiners von Hoiningens-Hīne, approached the then director of the Rundāle Castle Museum, Imants Lancmanis, with an encouragement to create an exhibition depicting the place of Vidzeme chivalry in the history of Latvia for many centuries. Cesis, the former residence of the masters of the Livonian Order, was chosen as the most suitable place for organizing the event. Cesis History and Art museum responded to the call and agreed to get involved in this very responsible, difficult and complex project. The exhibition in the New Castle of the Cēsis Museum was open from May 20, 2015 to October 11, 2016. It featured more than 400 exhibits from 12 different institutions – museums, archives, libraries and also from the private collections of Vidzeme knightage.

The published catalog, published in Latvian and German, continues the informative, educational and emotional role of the exhibition, it will become an important scientific tool on many issues related not only to the Knights of Vidzeme, but also to the many centuries of history of this part of Latvia.

Price 50.00 EUR

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