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Cēsu castle complex public policy





With Municipal agency’s

 „Cesis Culture and Tourism centre”

acting director’s. 23.02.2021. order


I General terms

1.The purpose of these regulations is to inform visitors about the conditions that must be observed when visiting the Cesis Castle complex in order to ensure the safety of people and their property, the preservation of the historical site, as well as to provide quality service.

2.The staff of the Cesis Castle complex is entitled to provide information and help to visitors in case of problems, as well as to reprimand or summon security guards and police officers.


II Accessibility

3. Cēsis Castle complex is available only during working hours with entrance tickets, which must be kept until the end of the visit, as well as presented to the museum staff upon request.

4. Only with the written consent of the municipal agency “Cesis Culture and Tourism Center” in Cesis Castle complex is it allowed to:

4.1.Trade and sell;

4.2.Film and take photos for commercial purposes;

4.3.Organize public events

5.If the visitor is under the influence of alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic, toxic or other intoxicating substances, the employees of the Cesis municipal agency “Cesis Culture and Tourism Center” have the right not to admit him to the Cesis Castle complex or to expel him from it

6.The entrance to the Cesis Castle complex is stopped 45 minutes before the end of working hours. If necessary, the staff reminds visitors about the end of working hours of the Castle complex and invites them to leave the area.

7. Cesis Castle complex may be closed fully or partially during:

7.1.Technical problems;

7.2.Private and public events;

7.3.Emergency situations;

7.4.Change of expositions or exhibitions.

8.Childen under 14 years of age are allowed to visit Cesis Castle complex only under adult supervision.

9. In order to protect the floor coverings of the museum and the Exhibition hall, disposable slippers, which are provided at the entrance, must be worn over the outdoor shoes in wet weather.

10.The stay of the temporary tenants of the territory of the Cesis Castle complex and the visitors of their events in the premises of the museum shall be determined and substantiated in a written lease agreement.

III General rules for visitors

11.Visitors of Cesis Castle complex are prohibited to:

11.1.To be located in the fenced parts of the castle complex, as well as in places where special prohibition signs are placed;

11.2.Climb the walls of the medieval castle, damage them, make inscriptions;

11.3.Destroy exhibits, inventory, interior, nature, litter the territory;

11.4.Behave loudly, offend or otherwise disturb other visitors or employees;

11.5.Leave children unattended;

11.6.Attend Castle complex under the influence of alcohol, as well as to use alcoholic beverages, except at permitted events and places where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the spot;

11.7.Enter with dogs, except guide and service dogs;


11.9.Use unmanned aerial vehicles (such as drones and airdogs) unless agreed with the staff at the Castle visitor center;

11.10.Eat and drink inside the museum and exhibition hall;

11.11.Touch exhibits by hand unless there is a specific indication that it is permitted at one of the exhibitions;

11.12.Sit or place objects on historical furniture or move it;

11.13.Arbitrarily open windows and doors;

11.14.Activate safety and fire alarms without reason;

11.15.Enter museum and Exhibition hall with wet umbrellas.

12.Group visits

12.1.Groups are accompanied by the group leader, the group leader assumes responsibility for compliance with these rules;

12.2.Groups of students must be accompanied by at least one adult for every 10 students;

12.3.It is forbidden to leave groups of students unattended, involvement in the activities offered by Castle complex only under group leader’s supervsion;

12.4It is forbidden for the group leader to use sound amplifying devices during the tour;

12.5.During the visit to the South and West towers of the medieval castle ruins, the group leader is responsible for ensuring that the group does not cause traffic jams.

13.Public security

13.1Any accident (theft, bodily injury, accident or various threats on the museum premises) must be reported immediately to the staff of the visitor center or to any employee of the Cesis Castle complex.;

13.2.Information about lost and found items is available in the visitor center, lost items are stored for 3 months;

13.3.In the event of an emergency alert, visitors must evacuate immediately in accordance with the evacuation plan and the instructions of the museum staff, while remaining calm.

IV Liability for non – complianc

14. The regulations are binding on all persons and legal entities located in the Cesis Castle complex

15. Persons who violate these regulations shall be held administratively liable in accordance with the binding regulations of Cesis municipality no. 22 “Binding Public Order Regulations”.

16. In the event of a breach of the rules, the person assumes responsibility for his own safety.

17. Cēsis Castle complex shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the personal property of visitors.

18. The imposition of an administrative penalty shall not release violators from compliance with the regulations, prevention of the violation and compensation for material damage caused as a result of the violation.

19. For visitor groups, the responsibility for compliance with the rules shall be assumed by the group leader.

20. Control over the implementation of these regulations are entitled to perform:

20.1.Staff of Cesis Castle complex;

20.2.Staff of municipal agency “Cesis Culture and Tourism Centre”;

20.3.Security workers;

20.04.Cesis City Municipality police officers;

20.5.State police officers.


*Cesis Castle complex – Cesis History and Art museum and Cēsis Castle complex Visitor centre Pils laukums 9, Cesis;  Cesis Medieval Castle Pils laukums 11, Cēsis; Cesis Exhibition hall Pils laukums 3, Cēsis.



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