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Wedding at the Castle

The charm of the small old town, the magnificent park swans and Cēsis Castle are a great, unadulteratedly luxurious background for the most beautiful day in the life of the newlyweds. Cēsis is given a special aura by its historical and cultural heritage, which is polished with caring hands, delights every inhabitant and guest of the city. We will take care of the well-being of the new couple and wedding guests by offering various other ideas for the wedding day.

Contact person: +371 26203551  Ance Annija Koreņkova ance.korenkova@cesunovads.lv 

 Cēsis castle garden

The castle garden has a special symbolic meaning. It is like a bridge between the past and the future, where the mighty walls of Livonian Castle tell the story of the past. Hold a wedding ceremony in a wonderful place – in the castle garden on the background of the majestic Medieval castle. In the garden of the medieval castle we can provide seating for more than 100 guests.

Photo: Uģis Brālēns

Basic rent fee:

Rent fee (tent rent not included) – 100,00 EUR/h
Each additional hour  50,00 EUR
Every next hour  50,00 EUR

Rent fee for the wedding ceremony:

Wedding in the Castle garden (2h) 1000m2 from September to June 370.00 EUR

Wedding in the Castle garden (2h) 1000m2 from July to August* 694.00 EUR

Weddings and events in the Castle garden (2h) 5000m2 from September to June 1665.00 EUR

Weddings and events in the Castle garden, including the canopy, garden and part of the medieval castle area, chairs, tables, place setting, photo session, (2h) 5000m2 from July to August* 3330.00 EUR

*30% discount outside the Museum’s working hours (from 18:00 to 24:00).

Cēsis castle manor`s Great Salon 

Marriage ceremony takes place in the manor’s Great Salon with light and graceful rose patterns on the walls, the spaciousness, the landscape of the castle garden behind the windows and the breath of the presence of Count Karl Gustav von Sievers, makes any wedding ceremony especially solemn and unforgettable. We can accommodate up to 60 guests in the Great Lounge of the new castle.

Rent fee – 285.00 EUR

Arrangement of the place before and after the event 1 h – 14.00 EUR

First wedding champagne glass in Cēsis castle

After the wedding ceremony in the church or in the castle garden, the young couple can go enjoy their first glass of champagne and capture the beautiful event with guests in photos with a majestic medieval castle in the background.

Foto Māris Irklis

In the colder seasons or on a rainy summer day, the most cozy room in the castle – the veranda – invites you to enjoy a glass of champagne before the energetic celebration.

Rent fee (veranda) – 17,00 EUR / h

Photo: Uģis Brālēns

Cēsis castle garden canopy, where you can enjoy the first glass of champagne and snacks overlooking the castle’s large walls.

Rent fee – 50,00 EUR / h

Wedding foto in Cēsis castle

The beautiful event with or without guests can be captured in photos with the majestic ruins of Cēsis Castle in the background or the charm of the interior of the New Castle.

Photo: Ilze Kārkliņa

Photo: Uģis Nagliņš

Photo: Uģis Brālēns

Photo: Vilnis Slūka

Photo: Gatis Orlickis

Photo: Ilze Kārkliņa

Photo: Uģis Brālēns

Duration – 1 hour
Price: 35.00 EUR / hour

Medieval style wedding

If you wish to gain an insight into the medieval wedding traditions, you are welcome to the Cēsis Medieval Castle, where we offer a special theatrical program for newlyweds.

Inhabitants of the castle will greet young couple in the Castle`s garden. The newlyweds will be tested in accordance with the conditions that are true to medieval life. The bride to be will have the chance to bear witness to her future husband’s strength and agility. In turn, the groom will witness how adept his future wife proves whilst engaged in the most important housework.

After a successful completion of the test, the Brother of the Order will show you around Cēsis Castle. In the Castle the Castle Chaplain will host the wedding ceremony in the medieval manner and give his blessing to the newlyweds as they commence their life together.

Contact information:  +371 26339342 Ieva Kalnina, ieva.kalnina@cesis.lv

Photo: Dace Spalviņa

Program price – 120 EUR

Wedding activity of a young couple at the Ancient Jewelry

Stop at the ancient jewelry forge of Cēsis Castle and check how successfully you can make an amulet of happiness – a coin that corresponds to the ancient examples of the Middle Ages.

Photo: Dace Spalviņa

Contact information:  +371 26339342 Ieva Kalnina, ieva.kalnina@cesis.lv

Cēsis castle park

In the castle park, which count Zīvers took care of more than 170 years ago, the young couple can enjoy a romantic walk with the guests, relax in one of the park’s gazebos or take photos with the majestic castle ruins in the background.

Photo: Uģis Nagliņš

Photo: Dace Spalviņa

For information:

At the Cēsis Culture and Tourism Center you can receive permits for the use of alcohol in a public place and permits for transport to enter the territory of the castle park. The castle park is a public place. Cēsis Culture and Tourism Center does not ensure reservation of the territory of Cēsis Castle Park, delimitation for the wedding ceremony.

We offer:

Chair rental – 1 pc / 1.00 EUR / day

Chair covers for rent – 1 pc / 2.00 EUR / day

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