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Premises and outdoor areas for events

Cēsis Castle complex offers premises and outdoor areas for various events: conferences and seminars, gala receptions and banquets, weddings, dinner party with family and friends, small concerts and children’s parties.

When choosing one of the theatrical programs, we will make sure your event in the Castle complex` historic environment will have a special atmosphere.

Contact information: +371 27878549 Ieva Kleine ieva.kleine@cesis.lv

Great Salon


Great salon – during the time of Count von Sievers there was  no shortage of official receptions and celebrations at the Grand salon Count Sievers.  Now we kindly invite everyone to appreciate the restored ancient atmosphere. Graceful wall paintings, pine flooring dating from the end of the 18th century, tile stove, and much more, now revealed beneath a years-long coating of dust, is a charm of this salon.

The Room is suitable for festive banquets and receptions, wedding ceremony and small concerts.

Capacity Up to 80 persons
Area 71.32 m2
Price € 142.50 per hour 

Conference hall


The Conference hall within the renovated manor house has modern technical equipment and modern technology.  It has been successfully used for foreign delegation meetings, seminars, conferences, lectures, presentations, film screenings, and other events.

The creative atmosphere of the historic environment is perfectly complemented by a variety of large format photographs (depicting scenes from 18tand 19th centuries) of the characters from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Simultaneous translation equipment is available.
Capacity: Theatre 60
Long table: 30
U –shape: 14
Classroom: 22
An area of 83.4 m2
Price € 30.00 per hour

 Vaulted hall


The Hall is suitable for medieval themes. It is suitable for various concerts and celebrations. Dining scene for theatrical program “Medieval feast” also takes place in this hall.

Capacity: up to 50 persons.
Area 65,71m2
Price: € 35.00 per hour


Manor’s kitchen

The most colourful room of the manor house, with huge columns, vaulted ceilings and brick floors. Suitable for a social events with a medieval feel to them, and also for coffee breaks and lunch for seminar participants.

Capacity: up to 40 persons
Area 44,92 m2
Price: 35.00 EUR per hour




Manor house`s balcony with wonderful view to the castle`s garden. Those who want to relax and have a meal for two or in a small circle of friends are kindly welcomed. Young couples on their wedding day, leisurely enjoying a glass of champagne are especially welcomed.
Capacity: up to 10 persons
Area 25 m2
Price: 35.00 EUR per hour 



The light-filled and cosiest room in the manor house, with a great view of the majestic medieval castle. Suitable for festive meals with family and friends, or for a couples to have a break from everyday routine and to enjoy a glass of champagne and small snacks.
Capacity: up to 30 persons
Area 31,82 m2
Price:  17.00 EUR per hour

Lademaher tower

For those who want to enjoy the view of Cēsis from Lademaher tower and freshen up in Vidzeme`s warm winds. This is a special place for a romantic dinner.

Price:   45,00 EUR per hour



Closed area, located between the southern part of medieval castle jewellery smithy. Suitable for open-air cinema or open-air theatre performances, as well as corporate events and presentations for a larger number of people.

Area 150 m²
Seating places up to 300
Price € 50.00 / for first hour and,
€ 21.00 / each additional hour

Exhibition hall

DSC_2018_HDTwo halls located on the first floor of the Exhibition hall are offered for organizing seminars, conferences and other festive events. The rooms are very suitable for small theatrical plays and small concerts. A Grand piano also is available.

Capacity: up to 100 persons

An area: First hall: 900 m2; Second hall: 112 m2.

Price € 60,00 per hour

Coffee break: 2.00 – 4.00 EUR/per person

 Castle Park



The restored castle park with well-organized paths, bridges and romantic gazebos are popular not only for recreation, but also for special occasions. More and more young couples choose their wedding ceremony to take place in the park area. Kārlis Hill is the most convenient and the most favourable place for the celebrations. Here it is possible to hold both – official wedding ceremony and the first glass of celebration champagne. If you want some beautiful photos, then Cēsis Castle Park with the majestic castle ruins in the background will be the most appropriate place.

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