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Summer season in Cesis Castle

From May 1st Cesis Castle complex is fully open to visitors: the permanent exposition and exhibitions of Cesis History and Art Museum, Cesis Exhibition Hall, the Western Tower of the Medieval Castle and the multimedia exhibition “The Story of Cesis Castle”, as well as the Southern Tower exposition “Life on a Powder Barrel” and the Medieval kitchen garden.

Working hours every day from 10:00 to 18:00. On Mondays only the Medieval Castle is open.

10,00 EUR – adults
5,50 EUR – pupils, students, seniors
20,00 EUR – family ticket (2 adults with children up to 16 years old)

Medieval Castle and Garden:

On the four floors of the Southern Tower of the Medieval castle, there is a multimedia exhibition “Life on a Powder Barrel”, which tells about the 500-year-old past when the Livonians lived in anticipation of imminent change. The exhibition reveals the stories of the historical people who were once imprisoned in the prison in the basement of the tower, as well as the role of the tower in the protection of the castle.

Multimedia exhibition “The Story of Cesis Castle” in the Western tower is a unique exhibition with video, sound and light effects that completely surround the viewer. Feel the atmosphere of ancient times and find out the fascinating story of the most powerful Livonian fortress in an unprecedented experience!

From Wednesday to Sunday visitors can meet our wonderful gardener Liga in the Medieval kitchen garden, who will tell you about the vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants cultivated in Livonia 500 years ago, about the use of each plant. From May 14, on Sundays and Sundays, there will be a medieval activity area, where under the guidance of a knowledgeable master of games it will be possible to learn various popular games of skill, power and mind,as well as craftsmen’s workshops, where you will be able to meet various experts in ancient crafts – bone and horn master, blacksmith, leather master, paint master, tash weaver, etc. On Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, the Ancient Jewelery Smithy is open to visitors.

Cesis History and Art museum (in addition to the permanent exposition):

On the 4th floor of the museum –  exhibition “The Charm of Blue and White. English transfer printed pottery in Latvian museums and private collections. (18th-21st centuries) ”. The exhibition reveals important themes related to British transfer printed pottery, from the history and origins of this type of decoration in England, to the development of  technology and the production of tableware, and to the variety of shapes and motifs. The exhibition is open until the end of September.

On the 3rd floor of the museum – exhibition “I am one of you”. Victims of Soviet repression in our memory. In the exhibition about the tragic events of June 14 in the life of our nation, the stories of specific people are told in a documentary and direct way. They address us through photographs, documents and notes from the collection of the Cēsis Museum of History and Art. The exhibition is open until the end of September.

Photo exhibition “Pearls of Occitan – Qatar Castles” at the Visitor Center from June 30. Photographs by Philip Contalia (France). The photos will provide an opportunity to see the beauty and splendor of the landscapes of the Occitan region of southern France, reveal the romance of the mysterious Cathar castles, look back at the medieval history, remember the troubadours who sang about Love, the Crusades and the Albigen tragedy.

Cesis Exhibition Hall:

An exhibition of the final works of the students of the Cēsis City School of Art will be on open until July 2. From July 9 – exhibition “Bruno Vasilevskis. P.S. ” The works of Bruno Vasilevskis, Imants Lancmanis, Juris Pudans, Maija Tabaka, Miervaldis Polis, Liga Purmale, Valdis Licitis, Livija Endzelina, Dace Lapina, as well as Janis Blanks, Zane Tuca and Janis Sneiders are on display.

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