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Family room in the museum

For families who are visiting the museum we offer a specially designed family room. This is a special room where family members of all ages can relax before continuing their tour. Adults can discuss with their children what they have already seen and their plans and we have installed special interactive room and behind the doors a special surprise.   Children can also draw or play some board games.

What remarkable things happened in Latvia in the year when I was born or my mother or grandfather? Who were the heroes of the Battles of Cēsis? What were the sounds, smells and what pranks took place in the manor house? What did the Grand salon look like when a real ball was held there? Which Knights put on their armour and who left their marks in the Middle Ages? These are questions to which the answers can be found in an interactive way by all!

Cēsu Pils komplekss, 2019 | Mājas lapu izstrādāja Grandem un uztur Premium Solutions