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Cēsis Catle Medieval Craft Days

16. JUL - 29. AUG, 2021

Cēsis Castle Medieval Craft Days, which will take place on weekends of July and August, will provide an opportunity to travel in time to meet medieval craftsmen and visit their ancient workshops. The craftsmen of Cēsis Castle are not only skilled masters, but also great and passionate storytellers. In conversations with them, you will discover amazing stories about materials, tools and finished products. In addition, most of the objects the craftsmen will be making, can be found in the collection of archeological finds of Cēsis Castle.

In the month of July, the craftsmen’s workshops of Cēsis Castle will host:
3 & 4 July
bone cutter, bullet maker, cobbler, carpenter, blacksmith
10 & 11 July
knitter, paint master, carpenter, blacksmith, dice turner
17 & 18 July
armor blacksmith, bricklayer, printing press master, color master, bowl turner
24 & 25 July 
potter, amber cutter, blacksmith, chip turner, woodcutter
31 July

stonemason, knitter, bone cutter, bowl turner, blacksmith

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