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Exhibition “Brilliance and Misery”

4. MAR - 17. APR, 2022

Two friends, Rasmus and Marta, who have just finished 9th grade or a whole stage of life – primary school, went for a walk around Riga, which was taken over by the apocalypse of the epidemic.


They vigorously discussed a variety of global issues, from global warming to the new fashion craze of “live green,” and outlining the shortcomings of the world and the stupidity that humanity has allowed itself.

Both young people believe that they have received all the instructions of life, they have fully understood life, they feel wise. On such an emotional wave, they ridicule the rest of society, including, of course, each other.

The main character of the exhibition is Baby, who is not the usual helpless and weak baby who can only cry. This special Baby portrays modern society in the eyes of Rasmus and Marta – naive, carefree, stubborn and stupid. The baby has gone on a neo-Sprīdītis march. He is not really looking for happiness, but yet he is not aware that it cannot be found at home either… According to them, Baby symbolize the untouched spirit of the world, who does not learn from his mistakes and does ordinary things without distinguishing between good and evil. Simple and brutally stupid.

The exhibition shows Baby’s way.

Both young people or so-called “public sanitizers” working hard with dry necks and painted hands (and the kithen floor) have found a very capricious, delicate, surprising, insidious interaction between their personalities and the rest of the world and its various manifestations, and have tried to portray it in a controversially challenging way in the true and deep thought of the exhibition.

Young people are screaming – IT’S NOT GOOD!! You have to do something – come to your senses or AT LEAST open your eyes.


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