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Exhibition “Plein Air”

4. MAR - 17. APR, 2022

From March 4th  a new exhibition “Plein Air” will be availabe at Cesis Exhibition Hall. Plein Air workshop is a unique meeting point where each visitor is given the opportunity to experience feelings, emotions, and reflections with the real presence in the works created with various painting technologies.

The exhibition is a manifestation of the preservation and promotion of painting traditions, of the inheritance of skills and the message expressed in the artistic language by the new generation of painters.

The exhibition features Latvian painters invited to participate at the plein air workshop by ArtCēsis: Ritums Ivanovs and his sons Rasmus Ivanovs and Krišjānis Ivanovs, Jānis Blanks, Jānis Dukāts, Jānis Šneiders, Ansis Rozentāls, Reinis Liepa, Mārtiņš Zutis, Laima Bikše, Signe Vanadziņa, Kristīne Rozenberga, Zīle Ziemele. The paintings were created under the guidance of icon painter and restorer Dmitry Laščetko during the master classes of the summer school, learning ancient technologies of painting – oil, watercolour, and ink.

ArtCēsis regularly offers art exhibitions in the city of Cēsis and in the nature. One of its most resonant exhibitions is the large-format painting exhibition “Transformation” in Cēsis near the Red cliffs on the banks of river Gauja.

The summer school is organised by association ArtCēsis.

Cēsis Municipality and Cēsis Culture and Tourism Center are the long-term supporters of the Plain Air Workshop.

Exhibition wil be open until April 17th at Cesis Exhibiton hall (Pils laukums 3).


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