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You are welcome to explore Cēsis Castle and old town, which stores in its walls more than 800-years of old memories!

Excursions in Cēsis Castle complex:

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Medieval Castle servant will escort you through the castle garden, discover the castle from its courtyard, feel the historic aura, climb the Western tower using lanterns and descend down to the old jail.

Duration – 1,5 hours

Manor house – museum. Discover who were the first inhabitants of Cēsis, what life was like in the Middle Ages, see the interactive exhibition “Cēsis – a symbol of Latvian history” and the restored 18th-19th century castle`s interior. Enjoy scenic views from the castle’s Lademaher tower.

Duration – 1,5 hours

Visit the Cēsis Castle manor – Home of the von Zievers family

Together with a servant of the castle, we will explore the history of Cēsis New Castle, when it was home of the von Zievers family in the 18th -19th century. Let’s dive in the world of the manor, when there were special rituals, certain living standards, and different ways to spend time. We will find out what kind of celebrations were held in the manor’s great hall, what dishes were prepared in the kitchen and also where the wine cellar, the coffee room and the beautiful library was located.

Duration – 1,5 hours

A tour around Cēsis old town.ekskursija ar gidu_Ieva

Get to know the medieval Cēsis, learn the stories surrounding the Livonian Order of Cēsis Castle and Ancient Vendi Rieksu hillfort. Learn the history of many of the town houses and enjoy the charm of a small town, as well as look at the city’s parks and churches.

Duration – 1 hours


Thematical tour “Cesis – Hanseatic Town”

Walk the cobbled streets of Cesis and discover the story of a small town in medieval Livonia, that rose to become a bustling trading town and a member of one of the most notable trading unions un medieval Europe – the Hanseatic League.  Explore the sites of medieval market places, warehouses and town gates. Find out what laws were applied to foreign and local merchants willing to do their trade.

Duration – 1,5 hours

Itinerary: Castle Square – Mound  Riekstu – St. Catherine’s Church – St. Catherine Gate – Mint – Liv Square – Russian traders quarter – Market Square (Rose Square) – St. John’s Church – Gate to  Rauna

Excursion “Torchlight tour of Cēsis”IMG_5807

A stroll through Cēsis at night and discover the magic of the town. With the help of stories and legends, fly through the town’s pages of history. Torchlight illuminates the town’s cobbled streets, parks and squares.

Duration – 1,5 hours

Great tour of the Town with the client`s own transport

During the journey discover the variety of Cēsis. See Cēsis town parks, monument with the golden sun on top, in honour of Latvian freedom fighters at Union Square, industrial areas created during the Soviet period, new Vidzeme`s concert hall “Cesis”, as well as natural treasures at Gauja river near Cēsis.

Duration – 2 hours

Excursion can be adapted to individual needs, taking into account the time constraints and interests.

Excursion in Cēsis and surrounding areas with client`s transport

Cēsis and its surrounding area is rich in natural and cultural attractions, here each visitor will find something interesting: Zvārtes rock, Eagle Cliff, Red Cliff and Rūcamavots, Ungurmuiža, Āraišu Archaeological Museum Park / Lake Castle, and much more!


Excursion can be adapted to individual needs, taking into account the time constraints and interests.
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