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Offer for pupils, students

Cēsis castle excursion

During the exciting and interactive tour, your class will learn more than one of the secrets of the history of Cēsis Castle, visit the twilight rooms of the castle and perform cognitive tasks together. The tour will be led by a guide dressed in medieval costume, who will illustrate his story with various visual aids and involve students in interesting activities. The tour is suitable for students of all ages. Its content will be adapted to the students’ prior knowledge and age.

Duration of the tour: 1 h – 1.5 h

Price: 27.00 EUR in Latvian / 35.00 EUR in a foreign language + entrance fee to the medieval castle

Contact: e-mail pils@cesis.lv, 64121815; 26576111

„Who lived in Cēsis Castle?”

Do you wish to know who lived in Cēsis Medieval Castle? How the ancient castle residents spent their days in peacetime and war? The castle servant will tell about the daily life of the Livonian Order and provide answers to these questions within the walls of the castle lit up by candle light.During this program you will get an idea of what the medieval people saw in this world, discover daily routine in the castle, how people who live here dressed, what they ateduring the Heyday of the  Brothers of the Order  You will also discover how the castle residents successfully combined the monk’s lives in faith and humility and  knight`s passion on the battlefield. Duration: 1 hour

Price for groups of 20-35 people.: EUR 7.50 – adults, EUR 6.00 – pupils, students

Price for groups of 36-50 people: EUR 6.00 –  adults, EUR 4.50 – pupils, students

Contact: ieva.kalnina@cesis.lv, 26339342

„Medieval games”

We offer you the chance to experience the Middle Ages with various power and dexterity games. The following games were played from an early age, thus ensuring the necessary skills needed to become a full member of Knights. The Castle servant will introduce you to several exciting agility tests like fighting on the balance beam, walking on stilts, dropping stones into the target, pulling the stick and other activities. Duration: 1 hour

Price for groups of 20-35 people.: EUR 6.00 – adults, EUR 4.50 – pupils, students

Price for groups of 36-50 people: EUR 5.00 –  adults, EUR 3.50 – pupils, students 

Contact: ieva.kalnina@cesis.lv, 26339342

Visiting Count Sievers

Together with the servant of the castle, we will open the doors of the history of the new castle of Cēsis and look at the life of the owner of the castle manor – Count von Zīvers in the 18th-19th centuries. Let’s discover the special world of the manor, where there were our own rituals, certain norms of life, our own ways of management and spending time. Classes are suitable for students of all ages.

Excursion duration 1.5 h

Price: guide service: 27.00 EUR in Latvian / 35,00 EUR in a foreign language + entrance ticket to the castle

Contact: pils@cesis.lv, 64121815; 26576111.

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