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Activity backpack

eliza_01_mazs“We found out so many new things, just by playing games and doing tasks!”

“Our family is pretty excited about the idea. We will definitely come again.”

“Thanks to backpacks, the visit to castle ruins was very exciting and at the same time very educational.”

“Little bat Walter made our holiday more special.”

Are you ready for an exciting and inquisitive adventure with yourfamily in Cēsis medieval castle?

Activity backpacks will help you and your family to discover the secrets of the castle by means of different activities – drawing, encrypting, linking, searching, measuring and taking part inother exciting tasks.

Activity backpacks can be obtained by purchasing a family ticket to the medieval castle.

Family ticket price see here.

Cēsu Pils komplekss, 2019 | Mājas lapu izstrādāja Grandem un uztur Premium Solutions