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Multimedia story in Cēsis Castle

New, unique exhibition for Latvia has opened its doors in Cēsis Castle. The “Multimedia story of Cēsis castle” invites the visitors to experience amazing multimedia story about Cēsis Castle, by reliving the most important historical events and feel the ancient atmosphere.


Audiovisual projections are used as the artistic approach. They cover cover castle towers’ 3rd floor room in 270 degrees. The visitor is standing in a room which changes together with centuries by reconstructing events, historical facts, castle’s interior design elements and everyday rhythm. Historic window ales are used for projected illusion of castle’s surroundings and illustrates its development and wars.

“This is a must see, as this will change our perception of history telling. This will be a new adventure and beautiful trademark for Cēsis, which allows us to find out more about the city in an interesting way. And this has to be seen by everyone, as this story is part of history of Latvia.” reveals the author of the exhibition’s idea Renārs Sproģis.

The project was inspired by the newest tendencies of museums and exhibitions worldwide. Nowadays, it has become more popular to implement various technology based solutions in this  industry, which allows to keep up with the trends and ensure the best bond with visitors.

Main producer and video artist of the exhibition is Māris Kalve, who developed the exhibition together with his colleagues from “Kalvestudija”.

Exhibition is located in the West tower of Cēsis medieval castle.

Exhibition is available in summer season.

Cēsu Pils komplekss, 2019 | Mājas lapu izstrādāja Grandem un uztur Premium Solutions