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Panoramic view of Castle tower

The attraction of the Lademaher tower is revealed in its architecture, interiors and the charming landscape of Cēsis town from the observation deck. The tower has been one of the most recognizable symbols of Cēsis since the 19th century.

Thanks to the sharp-bow arcades and openings, Lademaher tower is one of the most beautiful towers in Vidzeme. Its interior design is also charming and allows one to feel the nuances of the art of the 19th century and passion of the people of that time.

View to Cēsis from Lademaher tower is like a beautiful culmination and will surprise you with its diversity – romantic medieval castle ruins, green or covered in snow water-rich parks, St. John’s church tower, old town house roofs and distant forests and landscapes that hide within the Gauja River valley. Since 1988 the red-white-red flag flying on the mast of the Tower of Cēsis castle is a fluttering reminder that Cēsis is the birthplace of the Latvian flag.

Winter, spring, summer or autumn – you will like what you see!

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