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Medieval castle kitchen garden

The food of the inhabitants of the castles of the German Order was mainly provided by the fees collected from the peasants but many plants used for cooking, medicine and household had to be grown in the immediate vicinity of the castle. There was also a garden in the spacious courtyard of Cēsis Castle in the Middle Ages which provided fresh vegetables and greens for the castle kitchen.
The kitchen garden of Cēsis Castle consists of 9 raised beds which are bounded by a sedge. In total more than 30 different plant species are represented in the garden. Among them are the most popular vegetables of the Middle Ages with a pronounced taste, such as parsley, onions

and garlic.

Every day during the summer season, there is a knowledgeable medieval gardener in the castle garden, who will tell everyone who is

interested in what grows and what is used for each plant, their good and not so good properties.

Medieval castle kitchen garden is open in summer season.

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