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Illustrated guide “Cēsis Castle”

celvedis_webThis book is the first publication for broad audiences that gives a comprehensive survey of the history of Cēsis Castle and in the light of the latest studies explains the former functions of various parts of the castle. The publication is richly illustrated with more than 100 pictures: historical and modern photographs, old plans and paintings as well as reconstruction drawings created especially for this book.  The author not only vividly describes the most dramatic events in the history of the castle, but also provides an insight into the daily life of the castle and the mode of life of its former dwellers. The publication will also excellently serve as a practical guide for educational visits to one of the most beautiful and impressive cultural monuments in Latvia.

The book can be purchased at the castle complex visitor centre (Pils laukums 9).

Cēsu Pils komplekss, 2019 | Mājas lapu izstrādāja Grandem un uztur Premium Solutions