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The Smithy of Ancient Jewellery

img_1750The Smithy, a workshop of experimental archaeology, has been established and run by the Master of Applied Arts, Daumants Kalniņš at the historical and picturesque Cēsis medieval castle. In Cēsis museum, experimental archaeology showing ancient jewellery as scientific research and experimental object was shown for the first time in the history of this field.

For his research and experimentation Daumants Kalniņš selected ancient black smith’s work. The Master set himself a goal, to show the ornaments of ancient splendour and luxury, reflecting the Latvian nation’s cultural heritage. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to investigate, explore and experiment with methods of work the jewellers used a thousand years ago. These issues the Master have also discussed in his books, articles and reports in international archaeologists’ conferences.

Here you can see the ancient jewellery, replicas of the master’s narrative and learn about the ancient bronze and silver ornaments and the importance of wearing traditions.

Book visit before: Ieva Kalniņa phone: + 371 26339342, e-mail: ieva.kalnina@cesis.lv

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