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Children`s area

Beernu laukums02Away from the city traffic, a children’s area is located in May park.
In one section a children’s playground is created. It is designed for pre-school children with exciting motion games and exercises in the fresh air. The area is divided up into zones, each of which corresponds to the age group of children with a vivid and appropriate level of difficult attractions – carousels, slides, swings, houses and other things. In the summer it is possible to ride in pedal cars or jump on trampolines.

School-age children can indulge in the activities at the Skate Park. Local youngsters are honing their skills in skateboarding, rollerblading, velo-freestyle, and other extreme sports and sometimes turning this into real demonstrations. Here you can also find outdoor tennis tables and bicycle park.

Family relaxation, perfectly complements the feeding of ducks and watching black swans in the park`s pond. When creating a children’s area of the park the safety and comfort for both parents and children was particularly considered, and large groupsof families like to spend their time here.

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